Vision & Mission


TechnoPARK Academy aspires to promote futuristic technical education with the perspective of innovative industrial and social application for the betterment of humanity.


TechnoPARK Academy’s mission is to be an establishment of first choice, with an intention to provide top quality learning opportunities and services to meet a variety of career choices & customer needs by being responsive, flexible and market driven.

Our Core Values

TechnoPARK Academy shall provide educational programs & courses that prepare our students for transformation into a great workforce.

TechnoPARK Academy shall foster innovation with technology, facilities and equipments.

TechnoPARK Academy shall provide flexible learning opportunities for people of all ages, backgrounds and aspirations resulting in self-fulfillment and competitiveness in an increasingly global society.

TechnoPARK Academy shall adhere to commit to standards of personal and professional integrity, honesty and fairness.

TechnoPARK Academy shall provide high quality value based professional education, strongly integrated with human values and strive for productive partnership between the industry and the academy.