Our Services

Our Unique Benefits Include

Hands On Training

Our curriculum provides an exceptionally high level of hands-on practice and instruction. This helps our students to master the concepts and the techniques instead of learning them for a temporary period.

Real World Scale

Fulfill your dream of becoming a professional in your respective fields or strengthen and redefine your current skills in our continuing educational classes. Our talented instructors are committed to providing you with the knowledge and inspiration you need to master the art of your stream.

Personality Development

We equip the students with all aspects of career development along with creating a very good impact on them which makes them feel that every minute they spend in the training session is worth being there and will help them in getting placed in their dream companies.

Placement Assistance

TechnoPARK offers placement assistance to their students by bridging the gap between the recruiting companies & the qualified professionals.

Our services for Colleges

1. Sharing of content for specific technical subjects.

2. Competency building programmes for the faculty.

3. Facilitation of sabbaticals for faculty, with opportunity to work on real-life projects in Multi-National companies.

4. Project facilitation for students.

We work with academic institutions, especially engineering colleges, to raise their performance and stature, and the competencies of their students to the level demanded by prospective employers. Our continuous interactions with the leading employers in various sectors give us insights into the emerging trends, the real opportunities and threats, and the requirements for placement. We fine-tune our syllabus, methodologies and processes to meet the field-level requirements. Over the years we have enhanced our training competencies and our repertoire of instructional material, exercises and assessment tools to meet the industry requirements. We share these with participating colleges in our ‘Industry – Institution Partnership Programme (IIPP)’.

Seek Knowledge, Gain Skills, Be Inspired

The TechnoPARK Academy provides students with numerous invaluable courses that are very much impossible to find elsewhere. Our workshops give students incomparable, career-enhancing, knowledge and experience.