HVAC Drafting

The Training Program Deals With HVAC Fundamentals/Systems/Components, Hvac Drawings & Drafting, Equipment Erection, Project Estimation, & Preparation Of  Shop Drawings, Detailed Applications & Usage Of Codes & Standards Like ASHRAE, ISHRAE, SMACNA, ASME, ARI, DW 142.


Topic I Introduction
2 Introduction to Drafting.
3 Introduction to AutoCAD Software.
4 Basic Commands training.
5 Advanced AutoCAD Training.
6 Study of types of Drawings used in the construction  industry.
7 Study & Preparation of floor drawings,
I.Structural .
I.Reflected Celling Plan (RCP).
I.Roof drawings.
I.Sectional Drawings.
Topic II Preparation of Simple HVAC Layout
1 Ventilation Layouts Drafting.
2 Kitchen Exhaust Ventilation duct layout.
3 Toilet Exhaust Ventilation duct layout.
4 Car park ventilation duct layout (As per ASHRAE, SMACNA & DW-144 Standards).
Topic III Preparation of Air Conditioning Ducting Layouts
1 Window A/C.
2 Split A/C.
3 Duct-able split A/C.
4 Package A/C.
6 B.O.D, B.O.U.
7 Duct fittings & connection pieces, cross joints, Y-joints.
8 Schematic layouts for Fresh air, Exhaust air & supply air ducting.
Topic IV Preparation of Chilled water piping layouts
1 Floor piping.
2 Riser piping.
3 Roof piping.
4 Chilled water system schematic layout.
5 B.OP, B.O.U.
6 Scale arrangement.
7 CTB file preparation.
8 Printing technique as per international standard paper size, color, line weight, layers, standard text height.
9 DXF & DWF.
Topic V Preparation of Entire HVAC Layout on Live projects