About Us

As changes in technology have accelerated, it’s become even more essential for people to master technology to be productive, invaluable employees who optimize, program and invent solutions—and even grow companies of their own.

TechnoPARK shall provide students with industry-leading technical training that delivers the most relevant and intuitive computer courses and certifications. For students that means training with the highest quality source materials and the latest products and technologies.

Invest in courses and certifications that advance careers:


The largest Guaranteed-to-Run course schedule in the world includes an extensive array of vendor-authorized IT training and all the in-demand Microsoft, {} certifications.

All of TechnoPARKs’ award-winning Learning Methods deliver the same comprehensive content—in online and traditional classroom settings, at your worksite, and self-paced with one-on-one support.

TechnoPARK Academy is a premier training institute in this region. A great percentage of the traditionally trained manpower is unskilled/semi-skilled. The lack of specialized talents has created a chasm between prospective employers and fresher’s in India. TechnoPARK Academy has taken the initiative to shoulder the national responsibility to bridge the gap with a continuous supply of dedicated and skilled human resource at their disposal. Training fresh graduates in a professional way is the need of the hour and empowering them with advanced skills is a challenge accepted by TechnoPARK Academy. Through our training programs, we are looking forward to see our students come out with flying colors and responsible corporate citizens. Our reward in this venture rests in our reputation of being a reliable training institute.